Safety and Schools are a
Smart Combination.

Schools are an important STREET SMARTS partner! Working together, we can improve traffic safety in school zones and reduce child pedestrian- and bike-related injuries and fatalities.

Bring Street Smarts to YOUR School!

The STREET SMARTS School Safety Education Program uses fun, interactive safety presentations in a variety of formats to teach students ages 5-15 years, behaviors that will help keep them safe, especially during drop-off and pick-up times.

Some of the activities and materials you might consider for your school include:

  • An interactive traffic safety education assembly
  • A bike “roadeo” – an interactive bicycle safety simulation course
  • Helmet giveaways and fittings
  • Street Smarts Movie (on Pedestrian Safety) Grades K-4
  • Classroom discussions about safe walking and biking behaviors
  • Our Classroom Kit with talking points for teachers and quizzes and activities (Grades K-3)
  • Traffic safety educational materials
  • STREET SMARTS school safety fence banners
  • Classroom pedestrian safety posters
  • Parent Education Seminars

The program is available at no cost to all San Jose elementary and middle schools. To schedule a presentation at your school, call 408.975.3238 or email .


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Thank you for the great assembly. I really appreciate you letting us take pictures. When we walked back to class, the end of my line was yelling at a man on a bike. I realized they were yelling "HELMET!" to him since he was not wearing one. Your assembly did make an impression on them.

Dear Ms. Jones, Thank you for planning Bicycle Safety. We really enjoyed it! Room 4 Dilworth Elementary School

School Assembly School Assembly
Helmet Fitting Events Helmet Fitting Events
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