Adults get STREET SMART.

Everyone can get involved in making our streets safer. STREET SMARTS offers traffic safety education* for adults through programs for neighborhoods and schools, seniors, community organizations and corporations. These fun and interactive presentations get people thinking about driver,pedestrian and bicyclist behavior in a different way and emphasize taking personal responsibility for our own safety, whether driving, walking or biking. The STREET SMARTS program is also available to other cities. For information about any of these programs, email , or call 408.975.3238 .


Enhance traffic safety on your street.

Mobilize your neighborhood to become STREET SMART! Host an interactive presentation about driver, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, and receive our Neighborhood Kit that has traffic safety videos for all ages, educational materials and family activities. Once you’ve hosted the presentation, a STREET SMARTS volunteer from your neighborhood can request STREET SMARTS yard signs, bumper stickers and other materials to promote safe, courteous driving in your neighborhood. All materials are provided to San Jose neighborhoods at no cost.

Does your school have challenges during drop-off and pick-up times? STREET SMARTS also offers Parent Education Seminars for schools to help address safety in school zones.

Traffic Safety presentations are available for service clubs and community organizations. These programs are fun and interactive, and offer new ways of looking at staying safe, whether walking, biking, or driving a car.

To schedule any of these presentations, call 408.975.3238


Traffic Safety presentations are available for Senior Centers. These programs are fun and interactive, and offer new ways of looking at staying safe, whether walking, biking, or driving a car. Call 408.975.3238 for details.

Here are some quick tips to get STREET SMART:

As a pedestrian. Follow the same rules we've all known since we were kids:

  • Always cross at an intersection or marked crosswalk
  • Be sure drivers can see you
  • Make eye contact with drivers
  • Look over your shoulder for turning vehicles before crossing the street

In the car. Be aware of any changes in your skills. Conditions like arthritis, diabetes, vision problems, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease can be a factor in unsafe driving. Many rehabilitation centers offer driving evaluations or you can visit a state licensing agency. You might also consider taking a refresher driving course. These can help ensure you know all the rules of the road. Also, you might want to avoid driving at night, in heavy traffic, or on unfamiliar roads.

Riding a bike. Always make sure your bicycle and your helmet are properly sized and fitted. Being safe on two wheels means following the same rules of the road as you would in a car:

  • Ride with the flow of traffic
  • Obey traffic signs and signals
  • Use arm signals to let motorists know where you plan to go

Check out a Driving Refresher Course for Seniors for more safety info.

Get Your Business or Company Involved in the STREET SMARTS Program.

Host a STREET SMARTS traffic safety presentation for your employees. Or, help a school implement STREET SMARTS by underwriting the cost of printing school safety banners or pedestrian safety posters and the materials will feature your company logo.

Call 408.975.3238 if your business is interested in a safety presentation for employees, sponsoring a school, or for more information about the program.

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STREET SMARTS Doesn't End at San Jose City Limits.

We encourage all cities, counties and states to better educate drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in your area because behavior plays a crucial role in improving safety on our streets. That's why we offer all of the artwork and messaging from the STREET SMARTS program at a very low cost to any public agency interested in raising awareness and helping to change behavior on city streets. STREET SMARTS is at work in more than 25 communities and it can work in your community, too!

Call 408.975.3238 if you are interested in starting
STREET SMARTS in your community.

* This program is not traffic school or offered in place of traffic school.